Science dissemination programme

Playful and innovative experiments on “chemistry and art” led by MSCA PhD students with Nef des Sciences.

What is it about?

Dissemination and promotion of research to audiences beyond the university is integrated in the project, targeting both schools and general public.The intent of the science dissemination activities to schools is to convert the 8 ESRs into itinerant science ambassadors throughout Europe. For this, the ESR uses mobile teaching unit to show innovative and playful scientific experiments. These actions have been implemented with Nef des Sciences, a center for scientific, technical and industrial knowledge. Two mobile teaching units (flight case) on painting and dyeing have been fabricated, and now circulates among partners. These two subjects are clearly in line with the research programme. Addressing secondary schools (9-14 years) or high schools (15-18 years), there are 12 activities (6 activities per fly case, with 2 fly cases) for each doctoral student, which are spread over 3 years of thesis.


The activities started at IS2M (ESR1) and PolyOrgLab (ESR6) during the first semester 2019. The two flight cases have been dispatched to MPIP (ESR2) and TUW (ESR5) on October 2019.


Cuong LE (ESR 1)
21.05.2019: Lycée Jean Mermoz, Mulhouse, France
28.05.2019: Lycée Lavoisier, Mulhouse, France


Alexander Ricke (ESR5)
11.09.2019 : AKG Wien
12.09.2019 : Sir Karl Popper Schule
18-19.09.2019 : HTL Rennweg


Viola Hobiger (ESR6)
School in Maribor, Slovenia