PHOTO-EMULSION is a European-funded Innovative Training Network (ITN) project of the H2020 programme


Aims at training a next-generation of 8 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) who can push towards new eco-friendly polymerisation processes

Our Scientific Objective

A challenging research programme to develop a new hybrid PROCESS combining photopolymer science and polymerisation in dispersed systems

Our Education Objective

Transferable and Specialized Skills learned through research, industrial secondments, and innovative training methods: tandem PhD, distance language learning, itinerant science educator, online courses,…

Our Practical Objective

Development  of innovative materials  for the European polymer industry: barrier and biobased polysulfide films, non-leaching coatings,  monolithic HPLC column, hybrid nanopowders for therapeutics,  water-soluble photoinitiators.

Towards Next-generation Eco-efficient PHOTO And EMULSION Polymerisations Imparting Synergy to Process, Products and Applications 2017 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks (ITN) H2020 – European Training Network (ETN)

The polymer industry is going through one of the most significant periods of change in its history.

Driven by new environmental regulations, the development of eco-efficient processes and zero-VOC products has become an absolute necessity. In this field, 2 technologies stand out: Polymerisation in dispersed media and Photopolymerisation. To maintain EU leadership in this sector, PHOTO-EMULSION aims at training a next-generation of 8 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) who can push towards new eco-friendly polymerisation processes. Our primary strength is a demanding technical knowledge base bringing together, for the first time, all disciplines related to these 2 strategic fields. Secondly, we will broaden traditional doctoral training by targeting transferable and specialized skills sought after by the employers, and learned through innovative methods: tandem ESRs, distance language learning, ESR as itinerant science educator, online courses, ESR-led subproject, highly interactive meetings, and industrial secondments.

In research, we will develop a “hybrid” next-generation technology based on thiol-ene photopolymerisation in dispersed media. Advanced manufacturing based on photoreactor promises a wave of high sulfur content dispersed products (films, nanoparticles, porous network). Their outstanding properties open the door to applications responding to current industrial needs such as non-leaching materials, O2 barrier and biobased waterborne coatings, biologically-active particles, hybrid nanosensors and monolithic chromatography column. PHOTO-EMULSION is a EU-funded Innovative Training Network (ITN) project of the H2020 programme. It involves a high-quality research network including 8 internationally reputed academic institutions, 4 leading companies and 2 non-profit organisations. Balanced & EU-wide, its diversity expresses through the participation of 8 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden & Spain), 50% female scientists-in-charge, and structures supporting gender equality.

PHOTO-EMULSION has 5 distinctive features

50% Female (co)scientists-in-charge

8 European Countries

2 Non-profit Organisations

8 Research-intensive Universities

4 tandem of early-stage researchers (8 ESRs)


ESR’s new publications

2 of our ESRs just published an academic paper, each. Lorena INFANTE from the Max Planck Institute in Germany published one on 'Selective Oxidation of Polysulfide Latexes to Produce Polysulfoxide and Polysulfone in a Waterborne Environment' which you can find here....

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Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020

Each year, many countries organise a series of events which promote science to the general public: an occasion to engage with scientifics and discover the many aspects of the scientific world! It usually involves workshops, laboratory visits, science dissemination...

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Cuong Le’s first publication is just out

Cuong Le’s first publication is just out

Amid the chaos created by the coronavirus, Cuong Le (ESR1 working at IS2M, Mulhouse, France) has managed to get his results published in Macromolecules. No excuse for not reading! Ab Initio Batch Emulsion Thiol–Ene Photopolymerization

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